How aligned are you in your career/business?

Are you happy with what you are doing in your life?

I have been a recruitment consultant / career consultant for the last 5 years of my life.  I have connected with people who are too stressed with their work, some are too bored, others simply confused with what they should do next, and a number of people just going with the flow following whatever is the latest trend.

I wish I could say the unhappiness in their career stops there.  But in prolonged stressful period, the misery in their career life starts to affect their family life, social life, and spiritual life.  Habitual drinking, gambling, or excessive eating, shopping become a regular hobby.

Okay, enough said.  Instead of complaining about it, I found a way to do something about it.  It is no coincidence I got invited to a Career Direct training recently and was among the very first batch to be certified in Singapore.  I really believe this is the solution.


Career Direct is a holistic assessment tool that aligns your very being to what you should be doing.  But it doesn’t just match you to a career.  It leads you to your calling.  Let me explain what I mean.

Other assessment tools, whether job profiling, skills profiling, or personality profiling, focus on 1 or 2 areas at the most.  Career Direct uses 4 areas that function as filters to lead you to what you are born to do.  These 4 filters are:  Personality, General Interests, Natural Skills, and Values.  It is a holistic approach.

Just because you are good at logic and excellent at coming up with formulas doesn’t mean you should be a software engineer.  You may have the skills, but can your personality allow you to sit in front of a computer all day long?  Being good at your work is not enough, you have to enjoy what you are doing.  Just because you enjoy interacting with kids doesn’t mean you will enjoy being a kindergarten teacher.  Do you thrive in a noisy, hard-to-control environment all day long?  Or do you get stressed?  Enjoying what you do is not enough, you have to be at your natural habitat.  Bottom line is, it’s not enough to be naturally good at what you do, or be passionate at what you do, or enjoy what you do, or align what you do with your values.  It has to be all of the above.  When you align these 4 areas, peace of mind, sense of fulfillment, and life purpose are guaranteed.


Last note.  There’s a twist.  Some of you may like it and some of you may not (I really hope you will like this though).  Career Direct is based on the principle that you are created.  You are intricately designed.  You are not random.  You are who you are for a purpose.  If you are talkative, it has a purpose.  If you are shy (most shy people are good listeners), it has a purpose.  Some are born for the outdoors, they love to travel.  Others are stressed to travel even once a month.  Accept who you are.  Don’t try to be someone you are not.  Understand that you are fine according to your Creator.  There’s no need to say “I wish I could be more like him/her.”  You have your own unique design to fulfill your own unique calling.

Did you notice?  Most people who are naturally excellent at math/logic are usually poor at music/arts, and vice versa.  Most people who are poor at academics are either good in athletics or are good in business (they realize this only when they leave school).  Most people who are naturally smooth talkers are not very good listeners, and people who are more quiet are naturally good listeners.  Of course, exceptions apply.  But the point is, we are all gifted in our own ways.  I am good in something you are not, and you are good in something I am not.  For crying out loud, even people born blind are gifted with a more acute sense of hearing.

No matter who you are, no matter what you have been through, regardless of what you think about yourself, you have talents and gifts that are aligned with your purpose.

So, do you know who you are?  Have you discovered your gifts?  Do you know what you are supposed to do with those gifts?  Are you living according to the way you are designed?

I can be contacted at for more details.

God bless,


(Career Direct is 100% scientific, and took 10 years and $2 Million to perfect.  Fees apply.  More information on, or email me at


Between blessings and curses

Take a moment and ask yourself this question – How lucky are you?

Hey I’m not going to write about “feng shui” or preach some “there’s no such thing as luck” ideology.  Today I am writing about blessings and curses.

So seriously, try to evaluate how much luck you have had in your life so far.  How much blessings/fortunate events have happened?  How many unfavorable or unfortunate events had occur?

Here are two true stories.  I know a guy who had been immensely blessed.  He talked about how this event changed his life, how he gained a better perspective, and how this event put him in a good position to help others.  He was even invited to TED Talks (a global set of conferences reserved only for those ideas that are worth spreading).

On the other hand, I also read about the story of Dionie Reyes.  A man who underwent heart surgery, has no money to pay his expensive bills, deeply in debt, and is desperately trying to sell his house.

Out of the two stories above, it seems like one guy is very blessed, and the other guy is cursed.  Well yeah that’s true.  Because one of them is a lottery winner, and the other one is a cancer survivor.  But guess which is which.

Yup, it’s the other way around.  The man who said he was immensely blessed is the guy who had cancer.  And the man who won the lottery is the one who is in the brink of bankruptcy.  Cancer enabled the guy to reflect what’s really important in life, gave him the chance to right the wrongs in his lifestyle, and he now spends his time supporting other cancer patients and educating the public about it.  While the lottery winner got the chance to splurge, womanize, gamble, went on regular drinking sprees.  He even admitted he used to come home to a crying wife every night begging him to change his ways.  But he didn’t listen.  As a result he is now deep in debt.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying cancer is a blessing and winning the lottery is a curse.  No.  What I’m saying is this.  Blessings and curses are one.  They are the same.  It is your mentality and behavior that defines the difference.  Let me give a simpler example.

When I first moved to Singapore I don’t have a job.  I came here with a tourist pass that’s good for only 30 days.  So when I got a job I raised both fists in triumph.  Blessing has arrived!  After a year, I found myself working 10-12 hours a day, burned out, drained, unhappy.  My health has deteriorated.  Curse has arrived!  The point here is that a job can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on how I handle it.

But it’s not just your job that can either be a blessing or a curse.  I believe every blessing can be a curse, and every curse can be a blessing.  All depending on how you take it.  Money can make you serve more people and do the works of God, or it can make you greedy and fall for materialism.  Power can give you the chance to bring justice to others and to the needy, or it can corrupt your character and lets you self-destruct in the long run.  Fame can  give you recognition, but it can also take away your privacy.

You get the point.  Life throws all sorts of challenges and rewards at us.  What we do with it determines our blessings and curses.  So here’s my question again.  How lucky or unlucky have you been?  Are there more blessings or are there more curses in your life?  Be honest with yourself.

If you think there are more blessings, I admire your outlook in life.  Keep it up.  If you think there are more curses, don’t worry, the good news is that there’s no need to buy lucky charm or burn incense.  You just need to reshape your perspective, your psyche, and sometimes even your behavior.  Remember, curses and blessings are one.  So even if you are surrounded with curses now, you can always gather yourself and choose to convert them to blessings.

Let me end with a quote from Anthony Robbins.  “Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.”  You have that awesome ability.  Use it.  Your curses will be blessings one day.

Free your mind,


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Lies common people believe

Warning:  This entry contains some provocative thoughts, some questions to ponder, and may even change the way you see how the world works.  Some people are so afraid of moving out of their comfort zone, they would rather live a lie.  If you are one of them, you may want to stop reading this.  Come back for my future entries or read my past blogs instead.  But if you are one of those who want to grow, to improve, or just open to new perspective, then I sincerely hope the information below will be able to help.

This may require some open-mindedness by the way.  So let me start with a quote:  “A deceived person doesn’t know he is deceived. To him, the deception is what appears normal – it’s the truth that seems odd.”  So if you find what I am about to share with you a bit hard to swallow, just remember that is how a deceived person perceives.  Truth can be stranger than fiction.

Number 1:  Who pays the most tax?

Do the rich or the poor pay more in taxes?  I think the answer is obvious.  I can hear people shouting “the rich!”

Wrong!  The rich are NOT the ones who pay the most taxes.  The middle class do.  It’s people like you and me who ended up paying more taxes.  It’s people who work the 9-5 clock that really pays more.  This misinformation is so deep-rooted even parents and teachers will continue to hand down this “lie” to the next generation without them knowing it.

You need proof?

Why don’t you research how much Warren Buffet’s income tax was?  It’s in the news.  Go ahead, google it up.

It’s 17.4%.  Yes, billionaire Buffett, one of the richest men alive, is required to pay only 17% income tax.  No illegal or unlawful activities here.  That’s all he really needs to pay.

How can this be?

In the Philippines, income taxes can easily reach 30%.  In Australia, it can reach up to 40%.  In Amsterdam, it even reaches 50%.  So how can a Billionaire only be paying 17%?  What’s funny is that Buffett’s secretary is paying a 35.8% tax rate, about double the rate of her boss’s.  How can this be?

Here’s how.  There’s more than 1 reason, but I’ll keep this as simplified as possible, so I’ll just share 1 explanation.

I got this from Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book.  Corporation owners (the rich) can invest and spend first, then get taxed with what is left.  On the other hand, employees (middle class, including some CEOs) are taxed first, before they can even start to spend or invest.

It goes like this:

Rich / Owners of Corporations –  1.  Earn  2. Spend  3.  Taxed

Poor & Middle Class / Employees – 1.  Earn  2.  Taxed  3.  Spend

This is a very simplified explanation.  I do not want to discuss complex matters here and make you feel sleepy.  If you want to learn more about this and get the complete picture, I recommend you read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This does not only apply to Warren Buffett, but to all the billionaires out there.  This does not apply only in the US, it’s the same rules in any country.

So before I move on to the next point, just remember this.  The next time someone tell you the rich pays the most taxes, you know better 😉

Number 2:  Money = Debt

Do you know how much the US National Debt is?  It’s hard to keep track because it’s increasing every second.  But as of this writing, it’s $15.69 Trillion.  (To track the debt in real time, go to

Do you know how much is the total US Dollars in circulation?  Again, it’s changing every second, but it’s about $12 Trillion.

Did you notice something odd by now?  The debt is actually bigger than all the currency bills printed.  How can you pay off $15 Trillion if you only have $12 Trillion?  So even if you get each and every single US dollar bills and coins, it’s still not enough to pay the debt!  The debt will always be higher than all the money in circulation.  Always!

And it’s not just in the US.  All nations are in debt (except for 4 tiny, almost-inconsequential nations).  And it’s the same thing with the remaining 190+ countries, debts can never be paid.  They can always print more money, but the reality is the more money they print the more debts there will be.  Because money, if you understand how the system works, is debt.  Sorry I won’t that explain here, but I’ll give you a good link later where you can get more information.

I have been asked “Can’t nations just cancel each other’s debt?”  The thing is they don’t owe each other.  So the question now is, who do they owe all these debts to?

Time to talk about the central banks.

Number 3:  Are Central Banks really government-owned?

This is a highly sensitive topic so I’ll try to avoid controversy as much as I can.  Think of the central bank in your own country.  If you are in the US, think of the Federal Reserve.  For my fellow countrymen, think of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.  Ask yourself who owns these institutions.  If you think it’s 100% government-owned, it’s time to rewire your brain and clean it up from the massive misinformation that has been fed to the general public.

I guess that’s all I can say.  The rest of this controversial topic you have to find out for yourself.

The bottomline here is this: not only do the middle class ended up paying more taxes, not only do the middle class ended up working more to pay their nation’s debt that can never be fully paid, but it’s the middle class’s butts that are kicked the hardest and kicked the most often.  What really amazes me is that majority of the middle class are not even aware how hard their butts are being kicked.  Or perhaps it has been happening too often most of them are just numb.

I know May 1st had just passed, and I’m sorry for sharing such topic to the middle class right after Labor’s Day.  But I believe it is better to live an uncomfortable reality than live a comfortable lie.  And don’t feel bad about this.  Don’t be a pessimist.  Remember every problem has its solution.  Every problem lies a hidden opportunity.  And the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.

Me and my friends created a website where you can further understand two things:  this problem that affects us all, and the opportunity it brings.  This is absolutely free.  My friend James Cox even created an online lecture called “The History and Probable Future of Money”.  You can watch it at

The middle class of the world is shrinking fast.  You have two choices now.  Do nothing and get slaughtered financially.  Or educate yourself, get protected from the upcoming financial disaster, and take advantage of the opportunity hidden within the disaster.

Choose wisely,

Dan Mark See

[By the way if you think you are rich and believe that this will not affect you, remember the top 2% of the population owned 50% of the world’s wealth.  Either I’m really lucky to have one of the top 2% read my blog, or some middle class fellow has been deceived again to think they are rich.  Peace :D]

[One last point, rallying and protesting in the streets like you see in the news won’t solve any problems, it won’t get you closer to the upcoming opportunity either.  To understand how to see the gold (or silver) in all these dirt, visit]

An Easter Confession

Happy Easter everyone!

Since this is the Holy Week, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate to write what I have been intending to write for some time now.  (Sorry, haven’t blogged for about a month 🙂 )  If you have been following my blog, you know my regular topics include financial abundance, character development, success, positivity, winning, and similar other stuff.  But there’s one topic that I haven’t really touched yet.  Until today.  And that’s Faith.

Okay I have a confession to make.  (Deep inhale :D)

Friends, this may shock some of you, but I am a former atheist.  There was once in my life where I was 99.9% sure that God does not exist; that the Bible does not make much sense and could not be the Word of God, and that religion seems to cause more wars than peace.

When people hear this, there are two questions I encounter without fail.  The first one is:  “What makes you believe there is no God?”

My answer is simple.  Logic.  I took 12 units of philosophy in college.  And I believed you can never use logic to prove God.  That’s why it’s called faith.  You chose to believe despite the lack of proof.  That’s what faith is.  There are several other influences that made me an atheist.  History channel’s Ancient Aliens(documentary TV show).  A documentary movie called Zeitgeist.  Some articles in the news (especially Yahoo news) and science journals that I’ve read long ago.  They all seem to point to the conclusion that faith believers are not logical.

Here’s the second question people ask me when they realize I was a non-believer.  “What makes you regain your faith?”

To simplify my answer, I realized that the reason I cannot see the teachings of the Bible and the existence of God as logical is because I lack a certain level of maturity.  I was being very logical, yes.  But there is a certain level of maturity that once you achieve, you will begin to see that it actually makes perfect logic.  The teachings of the Bible will then make perfect sense.  The existence of God will become the most logical thing you’ll ever hear.

I do not want to get too complex so I’ll share the ones that are simple enough to be talked about in a blog.

Why does the Bible say forgive not just 7 times but 70×7 times?  Aren’t you teaching others to become abusive if you do this?  I genuinely thought it does not make sense.

But here’s what I learned.  It makes the ultimate sense if you have a certain level of maturity.  If you do not forgive, you will bottle up hatred, anger, resentment inside of you.  Soon, personal issues and insecurities will develop.  Soon, this will affect your relationships, your job, your career, your finances.  Given enough time, you’ll be a total loser with nobody to cling on to.  So which is more logical, choosing to forgive 70×7 times or choosing not to forgive?

Here’s another one I asked myself.  The Vatican is so freakin’ rich its wealth may even be enough to end the famine in Africa.  Why should we tithe and donate alms?

Again, with a little maturity, you gain more perspective.  And once you have a better perspective, it actually makes perfect sense.  The truth is tithing and giving alms will expand your capacity to practice the teaching “love one another”.  Once you develop this and do this on a regular basis, money will come by quite easily.  That’s just the way it is.  It’s a universal rule.  What comes around goes around.  There has to be give-and-take for it to flow healthily.  When you inhale, you have to exhale.  When you eat, you have to go to the toilet.  Otherwise, the pattern stops.  Learning how to tithe will make your financial life easier.  (Read my first blog “Law of Reciprocity” for more details on this).  It’s for your own good.  And yes, I believe God wants you to be rich (the right way and for the right reasons of course).

There are several other questions that doesn’t seem to make sense at first thought.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Why does the Bible say pray continuously?  Doesn’t God hear us the first time?  Why do God allow top drug dealers, high-profile kidnappers, organized crime leaders, cheating businessmen to get rich?  Why do God allow them to succeed?  If God is all powerful and all good, why are there so much suffering in the world?

I can answer all these questions that would make perfect sense both to believers and non-believers.  Most would require several pages to answer though.  And this is a blog, not a book (who knows? Maybe I’ll come up with a book one day 🙂 )  Until now, I still do have a lot of questions.  There are still many questions that does not seem to make sense to me.  But I now ask these questions knowing I lack a certain level of maturity or perspective.  I now know that just because it does not make sense to me doesn’t mean that it makes no sense at all.

Let me end this by sharing a personal story.

It was about a year and a half back.  I was definitely a non-believer then.  I was in a Church but only because I have to accompany my ex-girlfriend there.  I have no intention to pray.  I have no intention of signing up for a religion.  But while I was there, I remembered what a former college professor said – “Even faith can be prayed for.”  So there I was, nothing to do, and decided to talk to God to see if He is real:  “If You really do exist, then show it to me.  If my beliefs are really wrong, then guide me to the right path.  If there are things that I misunderstood, then change my perspective.”

Any guess what happened next?  My brother introduced me to Bo Sanchez (his books & blogs, not personally :D).  Suddenly documentaries such as “A Strong Delusion” and “Wake Up Project” find their way into my inbox.  My former flatmate, out of the blue, gave me a Bible, saying it was left in the old apartment and it’s not his.  I met a man named Joseph Chew while doing business.  He turned out to be a part-time pastor and has answered a lot of my questions and doubts.  I got invited to a financial seminar, and it was headed by an entrepreneur who also happens to be another part-time pastor.  The list goes on and on and on.

Albert Einstein once said: “There are two ways to live.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other one is as though everything is a miracle.”  Friends, if you have not experienced a miracle in your life, you have absolutely no idea what you’re missing out!

Speaking of Einstein, can you do me just one small favor and click on this link –  It’s only a 79-second video clip (and worth every second of it).

Last few words.  To all the atheists, spiritually lost, spiritually deceived, non-believers, or for those who just need more faith, I have learned that God is a gentle God.  He won’t barge in through a closed door.  If you are reading this blog, consider this the knocks in your door.  Open up.  I dare you to “challenge” God to give you faith.  See for yourself what He can do even to non-believers.  Do it!  Don’t chicken out 😉

Enjoy Easter Sunday,

Dan Mark See

Have you fallen to this lie?

One of the sad realities I have notice in this world is this: We are all, at one point or another, living a lie.  Whether it’s the child who still believes in Santa Clause, or the adult who enrolls in MBA believing his employer will pay him more, or the overweight guy buying a magical infomercial product that promises to lose weight without any exercise.  We have all, at one point or another, lived a lie.

And today, I’m going to share with you just one of the several lies about money.

Let me ask you this question: How do you know if a person is rich/poor?  What are the factors you look at?  What gives you the hint?

I suppose the standard answer would based on the car he drives, the clothes he wear, the income he has, the size of his house, the number of mistresses (I’m kidding… Even broke people get mistresses nowadays, how daring! :D)

Society has conditioned our mind, for generations, that this is how we see whether a person is rich or poor.  And this is this a big lie!  But what’s really dangerous is that people who believe this lie has actually been caught in a trap without them knowing it.  Let me explain further.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, says the difference between the rich and the middle class is how they define the word “rich”.  Middle class people define the word “rich” by the gadgets they have, by the luxury brands they own, by the income they get.  The more they have such things, the richer they believe they become.  On the other hand, rich people define the word “rich” by the number of tools they have to generate income, such as stocks, bonds, properties for rent, royalties/copyrights, patents, etc.  The more they have these, the richer they believe they become.

Here’s the bottomline: the difference between rich and poor people is not the cars they drive, not the size of houses they live in, not the brands of watch in their wrist (You can always get a loan for all that!  Who are you fooling? :D).  The difference between rich and poor people is how they define the word “rich”.

If a big time CEO drives a Jaguar and lives in a mansion, is he rich or poor?  If you think he is rich, then you have middle class mentality.  If you qualify further and ask if he has other sources of income, such as rental properties, stocks investment, precious metals, businesses, then you have rich class mentality.  You may not be rich yet, but you already have the rich man’s mentality.  And it will only be a matter of time before you really become rich, as long as you translate your mentality and knowledge into actions.

Let me highlight the dangerous part here.  Suppose you still believe in this lie, suppose you are one of those who still believe that being rich is defined by the presence of luxury cars and excessive swipes of credit cards, what would you do when immense wealth suddenly comes your way?  Of course, you’ll splurge it in luxury items.  You’re rich now, and you believe this is what rich people do.  Not realizing that this is actually a practice of the middle class who have been deceived to think that they are rich.  The danger here is once you have been caught in this web of lie, the richer you believe you are, the farther from the truth you become.

Just in case you need more proof, just look at Mike Tyson, Allen Iverson, Evander Holyfield, and several others athletes who made hundreds of millions of dollars only to declare bankruptcy one day.  Because no matter how much money you make, if you believe in the false definition of the word “rich”, the best you can achieve is short term financial success.

I consider myself blessed to have known this.  And I believe the reason I am blessed is to spread the blessings to others.  So here you go.  But don’t just read about it, practice it.  Let me end this with a quote from Bruce Lee: “Knowing is not enough, we must apply.  Willing is not enough, we must do.”

Wake up from the lie,

Dan Mark See

By the way, please do not misunderstand.  I am not saying luxury items are bad for you, I am saying luxury items are bad for you only if you do not balance it with proper investments.  Soon, I will write about what I believe is the best investment at this point in time.

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Why doing the right thing is not enough

Why doing the right thing is not enough

Last week, I wrote about how doing something righteous vs doing something unrighteous, no matter how small, can magnify its impact in the process.  (If you miss my past blogs, you can read them by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on the links).

But is it enough to do the right thing?  How come some people make smart, righteous moves but still does not get ahead in life?  Are you one of those people who are sick and tired of doing what’s right and is tempted to move to the “dark side”?

I believe doing the right thing alone does not suffice.  Let me share with you a famous story.  A story that started in sports but transcends way beyond it.  If you think I caught Linsanity fever, you bet!  (If you haven’t heard of Linsanity, where have you been?  Kidding :D )

As most of you have heard by now, Jeremy Lin, the humble, kind-hearted, nice-guy, spiritually-faithful NBA player was a bench warmer in the New York Knicks.  How would you feel if you have a Harvard degree, sleeping on your brother’s couch, worked and practiced your tongue out the entire off-season to get better, but ended up losing your job twice in the last 3 months, and there are rumors that you might get cut again?  Perhaps he could have been asking himself “why do bad things happen to good people?”

But here’s a different side of the story not many newspapers cover.  After losing his job twice in a row, he felt the pain piercing through his flesh.  Badly in need of solace and comfort,  he opened the Bible and it reads “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men”.

After carefully reflecting on it, he realized the reason why he wants to succeed in basketball is to prove his doubters wrong.  He wants to improve his game to shut the critics up.  He realized he was “under pins and needles” and has been putting too much unnecessary pressure on himself.  He was doing the right thing but for the wrong reasons.

And so his mindset changed.  He told himself “I will prepare and work as hard as I can, and trust that the Lord has planned what’s best for me.”  He freed his mind.  He felt light without all the unnecessary pressure.  And he rose from a benchwarmer to the star of the team in just a few games.  ”Linsanity” spread like wildfire, and is considered as one of the fastest rise to fame in sports history.  He did not change the way he play, he simply change the reason why he wants to succeed.

So how about you?  Any chance you are doing the right things for the wrong reasons?

What’s the reason you go to work, desire to contribute or just out of obligation?  What’s the reason you invest, to increase your financial IQ or to maximize every cent you can possibly earn?  What’s the reason you go to Church, to grow spiritually or just need a favor from Him?  What’s the reason you do charity work, to help others or to impress others?  What’s the reason you want to succeed, to prove others wrong or to inspire others?

My dear friends, if you are doing something righteous you deserve a pat in the back.  But try to dig deeper and find out your motive.  Because doing the right thing for the wrong reasons will lead you astray.  But doing the right thing for the right reasons will make life easier and more fulfilling.

To all the Jeremy Lin fans, and to all those who read my blogs, here’s wishing you continued inspiration and a more fulfilling life.

Live life for the right reasons,

Dan Mark See

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Wanna change the world?

Last week, I wrote about how donating at least 10% to charity, investing at least 20%, and limiting your expenses to a maximum of 70% of your income is the first step towards financial abundance.  One of these days, I will write about the 20% part – investment, and perhaps later down the road, write about ways to increase your sources of income.

In the meantime, I would like to write about changing the world.

Yes, changing the world.  I have seen the question “Do you want to change the world?” the past few weeks from job advertisements to marketing campaigns to motivational talks.

So, do you want to change the world?  Can one person really change the world?  How special do you have to be to change the world?

Here’s what I believe.  You have already changed the world.  And you will continue to do so.  Whether you like it or not.  Whether you are aware of it or not.

Let me share with you a story.  Several years ago, a teenager named Tony, together with his 2 younger siblings, were looking at a bleak thanksgiving holiday.  Their parents were struggling financially.  Big time.  They were so poor they can’t even afford to buy a meal during the time of the year where everyone else is feasting.  Understandably it was a sad day.  But something unexpected happened.  A stranger who happen to pass by their home, noticing their sad faces and the absence of food in their table, decided to give away the food and goodies he is carrying to them.  Tony was so struck and so touched by the kind heart of this stranger.  In his mind, he vowed he will grow up to be rich and will help other needy people too.   Fast forward today, Tony Robbins is the best selling author of several books and one of the most famous life coaches around.  He finds joy giving away free food and goodies during Thanksgiving season to those who cannot afford to buy their own.  God knows how many families he has helped.

Why did I share this true story?  To illustrate my point that we are all changing the world.  Who would have known that something as simple as giving free food can change someone’s life, and in turn affect several others more.  The point is, no matter how small or how trivial our deeds are, you never how much the impact will grow.  This is a scientific fact.  Mathematicians call it the Butterfly Effect Theory.  (They made a movie with the same title starring Ashton Kutcher.  If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about). The theory explains how a butterfly flapping its wings in China can eventually cost a hurricane in US (again, this is based on science, I’m not making this up.  Research it if you want.)  Whatever you do, no matter how small, it can create a series of reaction magnifying the impact in the process.

Let me share another story.  There were two different altar boys in two different cities in two different churches.  Both of them accidentally hit the chalice containing the wine, spilling the liquid inside.  After the mass, the first altar boy was told “Hey everybody makes mistakes.  I’m clumsy too.  You know what?  Maybe you will grow up to become a priest too.”  But the second altar boy on the other church did not get a similar response.  He was scolded “Get out of here!  You shall not serve as an altar boy!”  Want to know what happened to the boys years later?  The first altar boy grew up to become Archbishop Fulton Sheen, one of the most loved religious leaders in America.  As for the second altar boy, he grew up to become Joseph Tito, the ruthless dictator of Yugoslavia.

Friends, the actions we take are a lot more powerful than we perceive.  And the future will be shaped based on what we do today.  No matter how small, it will have an impact.  You can choose to plant a tree today, or cut down one.  You can choose to curse someone who made a mistake, or you can encourage them to do better.  You can complain about what you don’t have, or you can be grateful for what you have.  You can bully or make fun of other people, or offer a helping hand.

So, do you want to change the world?  I’m afraid you don’t really have a choice.  Whether you like it or not, you play a role in making a difference for the future.  We are all changing the world.

The only question is, are you changing it for good?  Or for bad?

Live life responsibly,

Dan Mark See

[You know what’s better than doing the right thing?  Doing the right thing for the right reasons!  It’ll be my topic for next week.  Be sure to visit again next weekend.]

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