Law of Reciprocity

After catching up with several different friends, I was told that the story I shared with them has to be shared to others too. While deciding whether to write a book or a blog about it… oh well, you know which one I chose 

Let me talk about charity for this first blog that I ever wrote.

I used to question why Christians were asked to tithe when the Vatican is so freakin’ rich in the first place. Think about it. It sounded more like a great business scam.

What do you think? Why should we donate our hard earned money to the poor? Here’s what happened to me when I started donating to charity regularly.

Out of the blue, strangers called me asking if I can help him source for candidates ( I run a recruitment business). Instant clients! It didn’t stop there. Out of the blue, the right candidates were referred to me just at the right time too. Business deals just closed by themselves!

I would love to think of it as a coincidence, but it can’t be as deals continuously come in and closed almost by themselves repetitively. (Trust me, I have been in the recruitment industry for 5 years. No such luck ever heard).

Friends, what I learned and experienced is called the Law of Reciprocity. What you give, you shall receive back in abundance. If you plant a mango seed, you get more mangoes. If you plant papaya seeds, you get more papayas. That’s just how the world works. If you donate your money, you get more money. If you donate your time, other people will give you their time. Whether you like it or not, this is how it works.

To sum it up, what I learned is that the biggest beneficiary when you do charity work is NOT the person receiving your money (or time or whatever you are donating). The biggest beneficiary when you do charity work is you!

Beyond the shadow of any doubt, I am convinced that this is the way life should be lived. We are meant to share what we have with each other. But don’t just read about it. I invite you to experience it. I guarantee you will grow in abundance!

Toast to your success,


Charity is good. But charity alone is not enough if you want to grow your finances. Next time I will share the 10-20-70 rule. A guaranteed way to multiply your money.



  1. Czarina P

    “The biggest beneficiary when you do charity work is you!” — YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT THIS 🙂 In a way it’s sort of selfish really but in a good way.
    Nothing is accidental also. Everything is predetermined and we are all placed on this earth for a purpose. I’m glad you’ve found yours! Sending you endless amounts of positivity, light, inspiration, and success! Looking forward to more of your posts. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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