Wanna change the world?

Last week, I wrote about how donating at least 10% to charity, investing at least 20%, and limiting your expenses to a maximum of 70% of your income is the first step towards financial abundance.  One of these days, I will write about the 20% part – investment, and perhaps later down the road, write about ways to increase your sources of income.

In the meantime, I would like to write about changing the world.

Yes, changing the world.  I have seen the question “Do you want to change the world?” the past few weeks from job advertisements to marketing campaigns to motivational talks.

So, do you want to change the world?  Can one person really change the world?  How special do you have to be to change the world?

Here’s what I believe.  You have already changed the world.  And you will continue to do so.  Whether you like it or not.  Whether you are aware of it or not.

Let me share with you a story.  Several years ago, a teenager named Tony, together with his 2 younger siblings, were looking at a bleak thanksgiving holiday.  Their parents were struggling financially.  Big time.  They were so poor they can’t even afford to buy a meal during the time of the year where everyone else is feasting.  Understandably it was a sad day.  But something unexpected happened.  A stranger who happen to pass by their home, noticing their sad faces and the absence of food in their table, decided to give away the food and goodies he is carrying to them.  Tony was so struck and so touched by the kind heart of this stranger.  In his mind, he vowed he will grow up to be rich and will help other needy people too.   Fast forward today, Tony Robbins is the best selling author of several books and one of the most famous life coaches around.  He finds joy giving away free food and goodies during Thanksgiving season to those who cannot afford to buy their own.  God knows how many families he has helped.

Why did I share this true story?  To illustrate my point that we are all changing the world.  Who would have known that something as simple as giving free food can change someone’s life, and in turn affect several others more.  The point is, no matter how small or how trivial our deeds are, you never how much the impact will grow.  This is a scientific fact.  Mathematicians call it the Butterfly Effect Theory.  (They made a movie with the same title starring Ashton Kutcher.  If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about). The theory explains how a butterfly flapping its wings in China can eventually cost a hurricane in US (again, this is based on science, I’m not making this up.  Research it if you want.)  Whatever you do, no matter how small, it can create a series of reaction magnifying the impact in the process.

Let me share another story.  There were two different altar boys in two different cities in two different churches.  Both of them accidentally hit the chalice containing the wine, spilling the liquid inside.  After the mass, the first altar boy was told “Hey everybody makes mistakes.  I’m clumsy too.  You know what?  Maybe you will grow up to become a priest too.”  But the second altar boy on the other church did not get a similar response.  He was scolded “Get out of here!  You shall not serve as an altar boy!”  Want to know what happened to the boys years later?  The first altar boy grew up to become Archbishop Fulton Sheen, one of the most loved religious leaders in America.  As for the second altar boy, he grew up to become Joseph Tito, the ruthless dictator of Yugoslavia.

Friends, the actions we take are a lot more powerful than we perceive.  And the future will be shaped based on what we do today.  No matter how small, it will have an impact.  You can choose to plant a tree today, or cut down one.  You can choose to curse someone who made a mistake, or you can encourage them to do better.  You can complain about what you don’t have, or you can be grateful for what you have.  You can bully or make fun of other people, or offer a helping hand.

So, do you want to change the world?  I’m afraid you don’t really have a choice.  Whether you like it or not, you play a role in making a difference for the future.  We are all changing the world.

The only question is, are you changing it for good?  Or for bad?

Live life responsibly,

Dan Mark See

[You know what’s better than doing the right thing?  Doing the right thing for the right reasons!  It’ll be my topic for next week.  Be sure to visit again next weekend.]

[Regular topics here include success, investment, health, charity, positivity, faith, winning, abundance, knowledge, taking actions, personal growth, character development.  Please feel free to “follow”, “like”, “share”, and comment.]


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